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Kyagar is a way for my husband, Stanzin Gurmet, and I to bring together our collective learning and give back not just to the local community but to everyone who comes here. It is more than a resort. It is a home for the weary, a learning experience for the curious, and a service to the community. 

Being some of the earliest settlers in the region, we have a long history of hosting and serving travellers. Gurmet’s family has roots in Hemis Shukpachan, Western Ladakh and runs the well-known Chospa chain of stores and the neotraditional Chospa Hotel in Leh. Having studied and worked briefly outside of Leh, Gurmet soon realised that his passion lies in the outdoors and wildlife which drew him back to his homeland. He now leads one of the best known snow leopard treks every year and is one of the few expert birders in the region.

My own lineage goes back to the time when my forefathers were traders and ministers in the Namgyal Kingdom around the 19th century. My paternal grandfather, Chewang Rinchen, moved to Nubra in the 1940s to look after the family land and camels, which includes the grounds on which Kyagar stands. The first Bactrian camels that came to Nubra from Yarkand belonged to our family and were used for trade until the borders were closed soon after the war in 1947. After my grandfather passed away, the camels went wild till they were once again domesticated by the villagers. You can ride their offspring on the dunes nowadays. 

In many ways, Kyagar is a homecoming for me as well. After leaving Ladakh at the age of five, I returned two decades later leaving behind a corporate life to join my father in his hospitality business. But after 10 years, I realised that my true calling is Nubra valley where my roots lie and that’s when the idea of Kyagar was born.

We have spent many memorable vacations in this ancient land located on the banks of the Siachen river, home to Siberian elms, wild sea buckthorn bushes, varied aromatic wildflowers and soaking in the spectacular view of the mighty Karakoram range. 


Now we invite you to share this experience with us. Welcome to Kyagar.

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